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When your life is busy and you barely have time to brush your teeth, it might be a little difficult to keep your vehicle clean. This is especially true if you, like most Alaskans, are outdoorsy and enjoy fishing, hiking, boating, etc. It’s probably pretty reasonable to say that your automobile or RV is in some sort of wrecked state.

Let’s not even get started on toting your kids around to practice, or taking the dog for a ride. All of these things can take a toll on the cleanliness, and the smell, of your car.

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 Instead of spot cleaning, or spending an entire Saturday on cleaning your vehicle, just call Car Deets. We’ll come to you  at your home or place of work within Wasilla, AK with our mobile detailing unit. Our mobile automobile detailing unit will work diligently to make sure that dirt, grime, hair, fish scales, hockey pad smells, and old take out food smells, are a thing of the past. Interior, exterior, tires, and even the engine will look spectacular when we are through.

Not only are we prompt, we work our butts off to ensure that we give you 100% satisfaction. We’re also reasonably priced.

So if cleaning your car sounds like something you would rather put off until next week (or next year), give us a call. We’ll schedule an appointment for a convenient time, and we’ll do ALL of the work.


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