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Faibanks Auto Detailing By Car Deets 

At Car Deets we provide our customers with world class services and use top of the line detailing products. All three of our state-of-the-art detailing facilities are fully staffed with experienced auto detailing professionals. Whether you’re new to the idea of detailing or a car enthusiast, we have a service that fits your needs. Our extended list of services includes exterior and interior auto detailing, paint correction, paint protection, windshield chip repair, boat detailing, RV detailing and more. We are proud to be Alaska’s one and only Certified Ceramic Pro installers. Check out our services below and come visit us in Anchorage, Palmer or Fairbanks today!

Palmer Auto Detailing Services

Ceramic Pro Paint Coating

Ceramic Pro is the leader in nano ceramic paint protective coating. Ceramic Pro provides permanent auto paint protection allowing your car to look shiny and brand new. There are several Ceramic Pro products and packages offered by Car Deets. Call us today to find the one that’s right for you. We are thrilled to provide the world’s best ceramic paint coating and to be the only Ceramic Pro Certified Installers in Alaska. We offer Ceramic Pro at all three of our locations: Anchorage, Palmer and Fairbanks.

Car Deets Alaska offers several Ceramic Pro packages with a variety of warranties.

  • The Gold Package encompasses a Ceramic Pro installation and a lifetime warranty.
  • The Silver Package encompasses a Ceramic Pro installation and a five year warranty.
  • The Bronze Package encompasses a Ceramic Pro installation and a one year warranty.

Car Deets Interior Detailing 

We all know how brutal Alaskan weather is and how damaging it can be to our vehicle interiors. As detailing experts we know just the right formula to keep your vehicle looking flawless all year. Some of our interior detailing services include: excessive stain removal, shampooing, pet hair removal, tar removal and odor removal. Click here to view our interior auto detailing packages.

Car Deets Clear Bra Installations

As Alaskans we aren’t strangers to dings and scratches on our vehicles. If you want to prevent your vehicle from this type of damage then 3M Clear Bra Film is what you’re looking for. Clear Bra is a this wrap that protects your vehicle and is available in a partial wrap (covering the front of the vehicle) or a complete wrap (covering the full vehicle). If you’re looking for serious protection, Clear Bra can be topped with Ceramic Pro 9H for ultra paint protection.

Car Deets Wheel and Caliper 

Car Deets understands the importance of being detailing oriented. That’s why we provide special attention to all parts of the vehicle. Wheels and Calipers require special treatment in order to be properly maintained. It all starts with a proper cleaning and decontamination of the wheel and calipers. After this step we strongly recommend finishing up with a coating of Ceramic Pro Wheel and Caliper. This coating is heavy duty and the perfect product to protect your vehicles from the Alaskan weather.



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